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Memories In Hand makes it very easy to put together a heartfelt and professional presentation. 


1.    Sort your photos by creating Yes and No piles. Don't spend too long on any one photo; go with your first impression. Remember, the best photos make the best video.

2.   Take your photos, video clips, mementos, and put them in order.

3.    Number: You can arrange the photos in chronological order, or group them by event or subject.

·        Put your photos in the order you choose and write the number either directly on the back of the photo or on a sticky note. Be sure to use pencil, not pen, so the ink doesn't come off on another photo.

4.    Music based on the estimated length of your project; choose enough music to fill the time. Select music that is meaningful or conveys the mood of the project.

·         If you do not have the music we can purchase legal copies of the songs for as little as $1.00 each.  Indicate what song goes with what range of pictures (i.e. "Memories" goes with photos 1-25).

5.    You may also include titles, quotes, poems, etc.

6.    Contact us at 514-771-6561 or email info [at] to finalize your project and get your price.

7.    Package your photos, audio, and video securely and ship via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Shipping insurance is recommended.

8.    Enclose any special instructions and the date of your event.  Always include your name, address, phone number and email address with your instructions.

9.    Ship to: Memories In Hand

10. When your package is received, we will contact you to review your order with you. You will then be sent an invoice to your email address. Payment is made before production begins.

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Be creative! If you can dream it, we can make it. Use medals, video or film clips, voice recordings, newspaper clippings, scrapbook pages, whatever helps you tell your story.

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