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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Photo Video Montage
Photo Video Montages is combining your photographs with your favorite songs to create a compelling video presentation. The photos are animated using panning and zooming (Ken Burns effect), giving old images a new life. You can also include clips from family videos. Photo Video Montages are great to show at parties -- such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and graduations and are perfect gifts for any occasion!

How long is a typical video?
Most photo video montages run on average between five and twenty minutes long. This is the perfect length to keep your viewers captivated.  However, we have had videos last up to 40 minutes which was based on a client who had over 400 photos.  I personally believe that its a personal choice after all this is meant to be treasured for years to come.

How long does it take you to create a Photo Video Montage?
Each project is usually completed in one to two weeks. However, the time it takes us to create your video depends on a variety of factors. If you need your video in less than a week, this may be possible for a rush order fee. For an estimate of how long your project will take to complete, please contact us.

How do I plan my Photo Video Montage?
In short, you select the photographs that you want to use, put them in order, pick songs, and decide on titles. For detailed planning information, refer to our Planning Guide.

How do I select music?

You should choose songs that are meaningful to you and fit the mood of the photos. You can either provide your songs to us on CD or have us purchase them on your behalf for $1 per song. Click here for a list of song suggestions. (The song list must be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Get Adobe Reader

Is it safe to send you my photos?
Yes, we assure you that sending your photos is very safe. Please make sure that your photos are packaged securely with bubble wrap and that you use a reliable carrier that provides a tracking number such as USPS, FedEx, or UPS. If you send your photos through the US Postal Service, use Express Mail or Priority Mail and please get a tracking number.

Do I have to send my photos in the mail?
No, you do not. You can also scan your own photos and send us the image files, by either burning them onto a CD and send them in the mail, or send your photos through email or our FTP site.  Contact us for instructions on how to email your photos.

What are the specifications for scanning my photos?
Photos should be scanned in JPEG format and named by three-digit numbers according to the order that you wish them to appear in the video. For example, you would save the first photo as 001.jpg, the second 002.jpg, etc.  You should set the resolution of your photos to 300 dpi.

Can I include video clips along with my photos?
Yes! Each video clip costs $5 extra and should be under five minutes in length. Each clip must be clearly marked.

How can I present my video?
Your video can be presented on either a television set or on a projection screen.  A television is fine for small groups, but using a projector is preferable if you are presenting your video in a large hall. To present your video on a projection screen, you would have to rent an LCD projector connected to a VCR or DVD player. 

Are the DVDs that you burn compatible with my DVD player? The DVDs that we create are burned on DVD-R media, which is compatible with the vast majority of home DVD players. To check compatibility for your specific player, visit or

How do you accept payment?
We accept payment through any major credit card using PayPal.  You will be sent an email invoice after your order has been placed.

Is your work guaranteed? 
Yes, if there is a problem with your video that is a result of our error, just contact us within a week of the time that you received it and we will fix your video and send you new copies as soon as possible.

Why should I choose Memories In Hand over its competitors?
Memories In Hand provides a professional product and personalized service we believe to be unparalleled. While some companies simply transfer your photos to video, we view it as a creative process and pay special attention to making each photograph come alive on the screen. We are one of the only photo montage companies to animate your photos with panning and zooming at no additional charge. Additionally, each photo that you send us is cropped, color corrected, red eye reduced, separated by a transition. If you have a question, just send an email message or give us a call at
(514) 771-6561 and we will respond to you almost immediately.

Do You work with International Customers?We are happy to work with customers worldwide.  However,  please note that pricing is in U.S. dollars.  You can contact us for further information.